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January 15, 2016

So it’s been TWO WEEKS since we announced that we had partnered and started the New Year with a new business adventure as Molly & Victoria Co.! With our announcement came a new website, new business name, and a new Blog site explaining who we are, how we came about, and what our mission is!

A couple of days before the transition & announcement we had a photo shoot in Molly’s back yard – we REALLY wanted snow and it arrived at the last second! We had this plan to be different, so we bought pretty floor length black dresses, waited for the snow to arrive, threw on our red lipstick, and out the door we went to shoot our first “session” together in the same frame as business partners! We had the grand idea to take some behind the scene photos and Molly’s husband did a FABULOUS job not only capturing the “Meet the Team” photo, but also the silly pictures that followed.

Along with our long black dresses we wore our winter boots; Molly styling the tall, furry, cute boots – and Victoria showing off her knee-high, camouflage, Field & Stream hunting boots. Between the boots, dresses, and red lipstick staining our teeth (see photo below) we had a clashing of styles and comfort zones but we pulled it through and it came out amazing if I do say so myself!

It was pretty cold so ran back inside once we were done, changed into warmer/comfier clothes, and quickly started tying up the loose ends with the website & Blog! We wanted to show you that yes, we are professionals – but we’re also normal, weird, silly people who like to have fun in a somewhat serious instance!

Hope you enjoy a few behind the scenes images and don’t be afraid to have a little laugh at us – because we were sure laughing!


Molly & Victoria

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