Hello there! I'm Molly, the face behind Molly Breton and Co.. Proudly a southern girl at heart, I find joy in capturing life's beautiful moments. My journey with photography began in an unconventional way – not with traditional photos, but rather through a fascination with X-rays. Growing up as a bit of a tomboy who experienced my fair share of broken bones, I was drawn to the world of Radiology. I pursued my studies in the field right after high school and spent 12 fulfilling years in that profession.

However, life has a way of guiding us towards our true passions. A love for portrait and wedding photography gradually took hold of me, leading to the inception of Molly Breton and Co 13 years ago. Now, as a photographer based in Maine, I find my muse in natural light and thrive on capturing in-the-moment, candid photographs that tell your unique story.

I'm a wife and mom to two energetic boys. living life with a blend of southern warmth and New England charm. When I'm not capturing life's beautiful moments behind the lens, I'm fully engaged in the rewarding journey of homeschooling, guiding my boys through the wonders of education. Our family thrives on adventure, so you will find that we travel whenever we can. And when we're not on the road, you'll likely find us on the baseball field, where we spend countless hours cheering from the stands, and bonding over the timeless traditions of America's favorite pastime.

My goal is to make my couples feel comfortable, allowing me to create images that truly reflect the essence of who they are. So, let me be a part of your story, and together, we can capture the moments that make life extraordinary.

let's get personal, shall we?

so glad you are here!

Hey there, I'm Molly!

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