I am a southern girl at heart, a wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I grew up in VA and yes, I still have an accent and I say y'all all the time. I met my husband in 2003 while I attended Radiology School in VA. And, this is where my love for a camera all started. It was just a larger camera that included a little radiation. :) My husband, Benn was originally from Maine and he always wanted to move back. And...fast forward a few years and here we are living in the most beautiful place ever. I wasn't sure I was going to like it here in Maine, but I couldn't imagine raising a family anywhere else. Yes, the winter months are long, but my husband and I make the most of it by managing The Rink at Thompson's Point which is an outdoor ice skating rink in Portland, ME. When I am not behind a camera or running an ice rink you can find me enjoying family time. We LOVE ice cream, going to Popham Beach (which is where we got married in 2009) and movie nights on the big screen in our back yard. 

To see my crazy life as a mom and girl boss, follow me on Instagram @mollybreton!

let's get personal, shall we?

so glad you are here!

Hey there, I'm Molly!

owner, photographer

Actually, you can call me Tory. 

I was born & raised in Maine exploring the woods, mountains, streams, and jumping from rock to rock on our gorgeous coast! I’m a certified Yoga Teacher, have a Bachelor Degree in Business, and am currently studying to become a Registered Maine Guide. I’ve had a camera in my hand since 2010 where I attended college in Wyoming and first dipped my toes into wedding & portrait photography in 2013!

After living around the country for a few years my husband and I officially moved back in 2016 and bought our fixer upper home in 2017. I love hiking with my pups, paddle boarding, gardening, and anything to do outside!

I'm Victoria!

associate Photographer

My journey to becoming a member of the Molly & Victoria Co. team began in 2017 on the day of my wedding where Molly was our photographer! Following our wedding, my husband and I were then lucky enough to be tapped for an inspiration shoot that Molly & Victoria were participating in. Long story short, I instantly fell in love with the wedding business and wanted to find a way to get involved. Molly & Victoria Co. brought me on as their Executive Assistant in January 2019 and I have also been providing wedding day coordination services for friends to gain experience.
My passion for planning and coordinating events didn't just start when I was planning my own wedding. When I was young, my mom always had Oriental Trading magazines sent to our house and I was OBSESSED. I'd go through those magazines, pick out a theme for a party, and then buy all the decorations, games, and treats with my allowance money. I threw Halloween parties, Easter parties, movie parties, your name it! I even organized a Finding Nemo themed surprise party for my best friend when we were in 6th grade! You can now find me doing more of the same; planning birthday parties for family, hosting an annual Friendsgiving event, and even helping my friend plan her destination wedding in Mexico.
There is nothing that makes me more satisfied than to see my guests or clients having the time of their lives during an event I poured my heart and soul into. That's why I'm beyond excited to be a part of the Molly & Victoria Co. team and I look forward to continuing my passion and helping make our client's experience as special as possible.

I'm Stephanie!

event planner